Why Dr. Mercola is making more money than your compounding pharmacy…

Whether you agree with him or not, Dr. Mercola is a success. Estimates have him raking in $15 million annually from his various online businesses.

That’s a lot of revenue from someone who sells questionable supplements/advice and is often referred to as a quack by traditional healthcare providers.

So how does he do it? Or, more specifically, what can we learn from him to improve our pharmacy revenue?

I’ve spent the last few weeks talking to various compounding pharmacy owners about their websites and Facebook pages. Every owner I’ve spoken with is unhappy with their Facebook ads’ performance. And yet, they continue to advertise on Facebook because they see so many other businesses succeeding with it, and they know that’s where their patients spend a lot of their time.

So, how can we fix our Facebook ads?

Easy. Look at Dr. Mercola.

Here are just a few screenshots from Dr. Mercola’s site:

What do you notice?

His face is everywhere. I found all three of those images within 60 seconds of searching his site. I’m sure there are 2,000+ more just like them.

Why is that significant?

Because he understands a fundamental truth in business – People buy from people.

And that simple truth is extremely important to your success on social media and the internet.

Why are pharmacists continually voted as one of the most trusted professions in the U.S.?

Because we’re accessible. A patient of mine can literally walk through my door and be face-to-face with me within 10 steps. Can they do that with their family physician? Can they do that with their dentist? Can they do that with their specialist? No. They can’t even do that with their hairdresser.

But with us, their pharmacist, they can, and it’s because of that accessibility that people KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST us.

Yet, when I began reviewing these compounding pharmacy owners’ websites and Facebook pages, all I saw were stock images, medical jargon, and shared articles that they didn’t even write (and worse yet that only get a few likes on Facebook). Talk about sterile (no pun intended). Where’s the warmth? Where’s the personality? Heck, where’s even the person?

Put yourself in your patient’s shoes.

If I move to your area and am looking for a pharmacy to compound medications that are unique to me, I want to literally see the face of the person doing it. I want to know who is responsible for the safety and accuracy of every prescription I get filled. Don’t you? Isn’t that why you buy insurance from the local guy with the office down the street instead of Geico?

Do you know what the most important page on your website is? Your About Us page. I don’t buy a single thing online without checking the company’s About Us page. I want to see the face behind the business. I want to see the person responsible if I don’t receive the package. I want to see her story. I also want to see some kind of social proof – awards won, accreditations, certifications, customer testimonials, etc.

Pooled together, all of that information puts my mind at ease. It’s as if I’m shopping at the local mom and pop store down the street. I feel a connection, and that connection leads to me KNOWING, LIKING, and TRUSTING that company. And the more those three things happen, the more money I spend.

Doesn’t that make sense?

Isn’t that how you want to do business? Can’t you see how that will increase your business?

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