Don’t hire a salesperson for your compounding pharmacy. Use Facebook.

More patients.

We all want more patients.

But, we can’t get more patients unless we get more people to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST us. That’s marketing 101. Every marketing tactic, secret, and message attempts to do one of those things no matter how advanced they may seem.

And here’s the problem with compounding pharmacies…

No one KNOWS about you. They don’t know what you do. They don’t know what problems you solve. They don’t know the difference between a compound and a traditional prescription. They don’t even know you exist. Worse yet, neither do most physicians.

So, how do we solve that problem so we can start growing our compounding pharmacy?

Simple. Hire salespeople.

Several years ago I was at a PCCA conference, and hiring salespeople was a hot topic. Almost every owner there had the same issue – not enough people knew about them. So, everyone was asking the same questions:

  • How do I hire a salesperson?
  • How much should I pay them?
  • Should I give them a commission?
  • Should they have technician experience or sales experience?
  • Where do I find a quality one because the last few I had didn’t bring in any new business?

At the time, which was at least 6 years ago, a salesperson was the most logical answer. How else could you get in front of doctors and patients?

But is it still true today?

No. Like with most things, the advancement in technology has disrupted the door-to-door salesperson.

Now Facebook and other platforms are far better and cheaper than most salespeople. Its algorithm has so much data that it in just a few hours it can find you hundreds if not thousands of people just like your current patients interested in your services. The MIT Technology Review even said, “Facebook has collected the most extensive data set ever assembled on human social behavior.”

Just look at this. After just 10 likes, Facebook’s algorithm can more accurately predict your personality than your co-workers can. It takes just 150 likes to out-predict a family member. And most impressive, it takes 300 likes to more accurately predict your personality than your spouse. Impressive, but creepy, right?

Of course, it doesn’t have to be creepy. We can still use it to our advantage without invading someone’s privacy. Here are just a few ways Facebook’s algorithm can help a compounding pharmacy find new leads better than a traditional salesperson.

Facebook as Your Salesperson

A Lookalike Audience from your Email List

Because of HIPAA regulations, I highly recommend you have a promotional email list patients can sign up for that includes news, promotions, etc. If you have that list, you can upload it to Facebook. Facebook will then attempt to match those email addresses with their corresponding Facebook profiles. Once it does, it begins looking at all of the data, finding similarities, differences, etc. You can then have Facebook look for people that are similar to your email subscribers, and then advertise to only those people.

Thus, it’s just like having a salesperson knocking door-to-door or hosting a seminar, but much, much cheaper and much, much easier. In fact, you can then create a video ad and advertise it to just that lookalike audience, and it’s exactly like hosting a seminar for new patients.

A Lookalike Audience from your Video Ad

Let’s say you’re trying to dominate the BHRT niche in your area. You have your most knowledgeable BHRT pharmacist sit down, and you interview her for 5 minutes on the most common questions she receives from patients. You spend 5 minutes and clean up the video using iMovie and then upload it as a Facebook ad. You spend $5 per day and run it for 2 weeks. You get a good response, and your return on ad spend is impressive, but you know it could be better. What do you do?

You could just expand the targeting, but you’ll probably get lower quality leads and in turn, get an increase in your cost per lead. Instead, you can tell Facebook to find a lookalike audience of people that are similar to the people that watched 75% of your video. Facebook, being the amazing salesperson it is, will then go out and find you potential leads that are just like those who watch at least 3 1/2 minutes of your video. I can pretty much guarantee you that if a person sits through 3 and 1/2 minutes of someone talking about estrogen, that person is a good lead.

That’s just two of a hundred different ways Facebook can act like a salesperson you so desperately need. And best of all, it doesn’t require benefits, pay raises, or vacations.

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